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Here are the ten most popular stories of 2016:

He was only 23 years old, but when Geno Roncone told God he would be ready to die, he meant it.

General Superintendent George O. Wood responds to Department of Justice order to nation's schools.

Spiritual revival occurring in coal country, especially in schools.

She suffered unbelievable atrocities through the hands of her parents — was she damaged beyond God's reach?

She just wanted to share her excitement with her Facebook friends — now she may very well be the most popular person on Facebook, ever!

84-year-old woman comes back to life during Southern California church service.

As the 2016 Election results were released, George O. Wood called the Assemblies of God to pray for those elected in federal, state, and local positions.

Five things the believers at Azusa Street had that are desperately needed in the Church today.

Assemblies of God Northwest Ministry Network pastor, Tim Remington, was shot six times from behind following an appearance at a presidential rally for Senator Ted Cruz.

New law prohibits freedom of religion in a way that is considered the most restrictive measure in post-Soviet history.

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